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For Parents

A Fun and Safe Place in the Mountains!


The BEST thing about Great Basin Outdoor School is…

“We learned all about environmental problems and solutions.”
“…that you’re outside the whole time.”

“…learning about animals and stars.”

“…being able to become friends
with everyone.”

“…learning but playing games at the same time.” - 6th Grade Students, spring program

Your child is going to have an incredible experience at Great Basin Outdoor School! We take the kids on short hikes around the lake, on a day trip with a 2.5-mile hike, and a boat ride to investigate water quality.


Your child will be with a group of friends and a Naturalist during the day for activities and lessons. At night, they sleep in separate boys and girls cabins with cabin leaders and about 8 other students. Your child will get to participate in a Share Ring skit night, sit-down meals, and hands-on, inquiry-based science activities.

All Naturalists are trained in First Aid and CPR and have experience leading trips in the outdoors. The cabin leaders have gone through training to make the cabin a safe and fun place for the students. 

We can’t wait to have your child, and their class, join us at Great Basin Outdoor School!