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Responsibilities and Opportunities

 Check out what you can do at Great Basin Outdoor School!



Along with giving your class a wonderful taste of hands-on science and exploration, there are opportunities for you to  earn recertification credit at Great Basin Outdoor School.“Science Field Studies with GBOS” uses an inquiry-based, activity-rich method of exploring astronomy, geology, and other natural sciences. It provides teachers with specific tools and techniques for incorporating science into language arts, music, art, and theater. Teachers learn to have students DO science in the  environment rather than just read about it. Click here for more information, or contact us !



Great Basin Outdoor School is a great experience for the teachers as well as the students! We offer the teachers a cabin with incredible Lake Tahoe views, and time to experience the beauty of the Lake with your class or on your own. While the GBOS schedule is full, we hope you’ll have some time to relax and to just enjoy your students as people while the staff and cabin leaders are responsible for them.


Teacher Time:

Two of the four days we offer teacher time, a 40-45 minute block of time for you to lead your class in an activity of your choosing. It is near the end of the day, so it is often a reflection time with stories, writing, or drawing. Click here for more information on responsibilities. 

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