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The Naturalist

Now Hiring Naturalists!



Possess a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in the life sciences or education.

One year of experience teaching environmental education or natural history preferred.

One year of experience working directly with children in an educational setting.

Hold current CPR and first aid certificate and pass TB test and background check.



Areas of Responsibility


Plan and present a hands-on, experiential, inquiry-based program in earth sciences, astronomy, and water, wildlife and forest ecology, based on GBOS curriculum and state and national educational standards. Integrate other subject areas, group process and individual growth, and commitment to responsible use and protection of the environment.


Ensure and maintain appropriate student behavior by stating clear expectations and consequences, in accordance with GBOS discipline policies.


Ensure the health, welfare, and safety of students, classroom teachers, cabin leaders, and staff. Respond appropriately in a crisis and problem-solve under pressure.


Work and communicate effectively as a team member with naturalists, teachers, cabin leaders and students to enhance the program and to empower students and cabin leaders. The naturalist may also serve, on a rotating basis, as a cabin leader supervisor or program assistant.

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