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Outdoor Education Research

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More than ever, we need nature. It makes us and our children happier

By David G. Allan and Kristen Rogers, CNN

With so many destinations of pleasure denied to us now, we may be developing a deeper appreciation of nature, wherever we can get them. And we're lucky that getting outside, even while requiring social distancing, is still available to us during this pandemic.

Why are Norwegians so happy? In a word: 'koselig'

On a recent hike through the woods, I explained to my daughters how we were doing three things that were simultaneously boosting our happiness at that moment.

First, we were getting exercise, a proven mood booster. Second, we were spending quality time with loved ones, long associated with life happiness in surveys. And third, we were in nature.

A walk in the woods is a trifecta of joy, and all it took was making a modest effort.   Read more

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