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Board of Directors

A message from founding director, Sue Jacox: 

"I want children to have what I have and cherish myself.  Every day I want them to look at the mountains and the sky and feel inspired and excited.  I want them to love Nevada and the earth and to feel a part of their community.  I want them to have the skills and the will to make positive choices and to recognize that every choice and every action can make a difference.  And finally, I want them to be stimulated by lifelong learning and nurtured by a sense of connection to the natural world."

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2023 100 Giving Board Award (2000 x 2500 px).jpg

We are looking for more board members!

Interested? Send an email to

Sue Jacox


Washoe County School District Educator, retired

Caleb S. Jensen


Certified Public Accountant

Leilani Konyshev

Washoe County School District Educator

Patty Moen

Environmental Scientist

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