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Parent Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is GBOS like summer camp?

​During overnight programs fifth and sixth grade students learn forest, water and wildlife ecology, geology, and astronomy with their classes during the school year. While they're at camp, they have the unique opportunity to explore the outdoors and learn about nature!  Students are also able to play fun interactive games, practice team-building strategies, create songs and skits, and go on a night hike.

2. Where do students go while attending outdoor school?

Spring, fall, and winter programs are held at Camp Galilee on the east shore of Lake Tahoe, near Glenbrook, NV. Students stay in separate boy and girl cabins, eat home-cooked meals in the dining hall, and are only a stairway away from the beautiful sandy beach. From this location, day trips are taken to Spooner Lake and Zephyr Cove.

3. Will there be A chaperone in the student cabins?

Yes. There will be a chaperone in each student cabin responsible for keeping the students' safe while at camp. Your child's school will choose chaperones to attend the overnight science field trips. All chaperones are required to have a background check.

4. Who will be teaching the students?

The Great Basin Outdoor School has a team of Naturalists who lead students through the curriculum. Our Naturalists all have degrees in science or education.

5. What if my child gets homesick?

During your child's time at GBOS they will be hiking, taking a ride on a Tahoe research vessel (weather permitting in spring and fall), viewing wildlife, playing games, participating in songs and skits, eating delicious food, and learning about astronomy. Our program is structured to keep students active throughout the entire day, which typically does not leave much time to think about home. In the event that a student is homesick GBOS staff is trained and has experience in making the student feel more at home.