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Past Naturalists

Elijah "Avalanche" Sobel

Program Director

I went to the University of Vermont and majored in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental and Outdoor Education.  When I’m not being a naturalist you can find me skiing, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, hiking or swimming…basically any outdoor activity/adventure with a group of friends.  What I love about the outdoors is the sense of adventure and exploration that it instills in everyone who immerses themselves in it. Personally, I love the outdoors because of the activities that it provides and the way you interact with the natural environment. The sense of skiing down a mountain through trees and off cliffs, the feeling of paddling down a river full of water - to me, those are some of the best feelings in the world.  The most rewarding part of my job is seeing children fall in the love with the natural world. Through hands on discovery and experience in the outdoors children not only develop a sense of respect for the environment but realize they are part of it. 

Erinna McCarthy

Returning Naturalist

Sarah "Stormy" Rosenthal

Spring 2015 Naturalist

This is my first season out in the Tahoe region!  I hail from rural New York and I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont in 2011.  I enjoy biking, swimming, skiing, and kayaking.  I can’t wait to try mountain biking and paddle boarding this summer!  I am hoping to stay out here to pursue jobs in ecology and conservation, before continuing my education.  I continue to be inspired to be inspired by the landscape out here every day.

Julia "Sea Cucumber" Bennett

Spring 2015 Naturalist

I graduated in 2011 from The University of the South with a degree in ecology and have since dedicated my time to sharing all of the neat things nature has to offer to students of all ages.  I spent seven seasons teaching outdoor education at Nature’s Classroom and the Appalachian Mountain Club in New England, where I have guided students up mountains, over rivers, through the dark forest, and may have even encountered Bigfoot.  When I’m not teaching you can find me skiing, paddle boarding, trail running, hiking, or playing guitar or ukulele.

Johannes "Goat" Grieshammer

Spring 2015 Naturalist

Born in Germany and raised in New England, Goat grew up exploring the woods, mountains, and beaches of the East Coast.  Studying Forest Ecology at the University of Vermont, Goat gained an intricate knowledge of the Northern Forest.  A strong love of skiing, snowboarding, and mountain exploration led Goat to the Truckee/Tahoe area, where he has been spreading his contagious smile and laughter since 2011.  Look for a bearded fellow wearing shorts and crocs in December, and you’ve found him..

Dave "Orion" Wadleigh

Spring 2015 Naturalist

Originally hailing from VT, Orion moved to Tahoe to pursue skiing in the Sierra.  He loves skiing, mountain biking, and most other outdoor activities.  During the winter he can be found coaching big mountain skiing at Squaw Valley.  Orion truly loves helping kids discover their passion for the outdoors, and he is excited to bring that love to GBOS.

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