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Day Camp FAQs

1. What is the location of Day Camp?

Day Camp takes place at the River School Farm in west Reno and the adjacent Mayberry Park.

2. What will my kids be doing at Day Camp?

Each day at camp, your kids will do activities that include games, crafts, and experiments pertaining to a specific scientific topic for that day or week. There will also be guest presenters from local science and cultural organizations almost every day. Past topics have included, geology, human impact, animal adaptations, ecology, and many more!

3. What are the ages for kids at Day Camp?

During school-year camps, kids from grades 1-6 will be accepted. During summer breaks, the accepted ages are 6-12. Kids are separated into groups based on age.

4. Do the kids play in the river?

We allow older kids to take their shoes off and stick their feet in the river up to their knees, but there is no swimming. If you would like to keep your kid from entering the river with their feet, let the Camp Director know on the first day.

5. How do you keep cool at Day Camp?

At the River School Farm there is an airconditioned activity room that the groups will cycle through throughout the day. We also have shaded structures that we set up on the lawn each day, and Mayberry Park has tons of trees that offer shade. Sometimes at the end of the day we play games that involve the staff spraying water on the kids!

6. Can I pick my kid up early?

Yes, just please let the Camp Director know.

7. Is there before or after care?

Yes. Before care is offered starting at 8am and after care runs until 4:30pm.


8. Do you feed the kids?

We do not feed the kids and expect them to come prepared with a lunch and 1-2 snacks. We will have small snacks for emergency on site though.


9. Do you provide transportation?


10. Do you take the kids on field trips to other locations?

No. We stay on site either at the River School Farm or Mayberry Park each day.

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