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Winter Overnight Program

season dates

Mid-January - End of February.

Length of program

We offer a 2-day / 1-night program or a 3-day / 2-night program!


What is snow? How are snowflakes formed and how are they different? How are some animals adapted to even the harshest winters? During their time at GBOS, students learn all the answers. They are also able to snowshoe while exploring these questions with hands-on lessons and inquiry-based learning in an outdoor winter classroom! Additionally, they are able to do snow experiments, stargaze and view winter constellations, journal, sing, do skits, and more!

Read What Cold Springs Middle School Had to Say About Us!

During our trip to GBOS

We learned a few things we must confess

Like how fun it is to study planets & lakes


And all the different kinds of snowflakes

We tromped through the snow on some funky shoes

And learned how not to sing the frostbite blues

We know glaciers are big hunks of ice


And little snow tunnels are made by mice

The cabins and food make us cozy and warm

We would have been comfy in that crazy snowstorm


We have one more thing we’d like to say to you

And that would be a big THANK YOU!

To all the naturalists –

Pika, Swift, and Buckeye,

Deer Mouse, Nuthatch, and Dragonfly


We would love to stay but have to go

So good luck! Have fun! And enjoy the snow!

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